How to shine tableware

At Rachel Bates, we have an entire collection of tableware consisting of gorgeous Limoges porcelain. Whether you save them for a special occasion or use them all the time, you want to make sure you’re cleaning them properly so they can retain their gorgeous shine. 

To ensure your cutlery remains spotless, it can require polishing. So, to help keep your knives and forks looking their best, follow this approach: 

  1. Clean your cutlery in hot soapy water 
  1. Hand-dry with a non-abrasive cloth to remove water spots and unwanted drying marks 
  1. Using a natural cleaning solution such as vinegar, lemon juice or soda water, buff your cutlery in a circular motion with a soft cloth lightly dampened with the solution 
  1. Dry immediately with a non-abrasive cloth, rubbing away at any leftover stains 

How to clean serveware 

From acrylic cutlery to porcelain plates, my serveware collections never fail to add a pop of colour to any table setting. Fortunately, these are simple to clean and should be washed by hand, avoiding a dishwasher 

By mixing warm water with a mild detergent you can ensure these sets retain their gorgeous colours. However, when cleaning, you should avoid abrasive sponges, and harsh detergents as this can lead to scratches which dull the colour. 

A dinner party is also a great excuse to bring out the crystalware, so if you need advice on how to clean crystal and retain its shine, check out our guide on how to clean crystal glasses.