About Us | A Celebration of Joyful Luxuries

Designer and retailer of joyful luxuries

The Rachel Bates name is known for its bold colours, signature designs and timeless yet playful style, but this wasn’t always the plan. In fact, it came about by something of an accident.

After redecorating her husband’s bachelor pad and later designing the entire interior of their dream home together, Rachel’s rule-breaking approach started to capture imaginations and interest. Following a project for a friend and years of creating and curating collections, she was able to turn doing what she loved into more than a hobby.

Today, the Rachel Bates team are dedicated to creating beautiful pieces that are designed to be used and not just viewed. Alongside this is a commitment to sustainability, in terms of manufacturing and durability, as well as providing inspiration across homeware, gift-buying and jewellery.

Everything we do is guided by the goal of helping people to find joy in life’s luxuries—just like Rachel has always done. And that part is no accident.