Isadora Jarvis

Isadora Jarvis

I was born in Cheshire on 6th January 2017, to a litter of 6 puppies, with four brothers and one sister. I left my lovely Puggie family 8 weeks later. I was so small that my human family could hold me in one hand. My big cousin Arabella actually thought I was a mouse! She was not impressed at all when she first met me, but now we are best friends and we love each other very much.

My pug mummy was called Pearl, I think that's why I love wearing pearls and all things girly. My human mummy Katie, who I love very much always dresses me very chicly.

Working for Rachel Bates has enabled me to utilise my meticulous organisational skills. I'm a little stickler for excellent customer service and I like my department to run like a finely tuned machine. Nothing gets past me without a full quality control check and exquisite packaging. After all, Rachel Bates is a luxury brand and first impressions are everything.

You can keep track of all my business adventures & social activities within the 'blogs' section of our website under 'Arabella & Isadora' Diary of a dynamic Pug duo.

Bye for now, kissy licks & bites and lots of woof, woof, woofs, Isadora xxx