Rachel Bates: Responsible Sustainable Luxury

Our Approach to Sustainability


While Rachel Bates is known for creating gorgeous luxuries designed to be used and cherished, not everyone knows about our pledge to be an environmentally-conscious brand. From the captivating crystalware to the stunning Corali jewellery collection, each of our luxuries is made to order, so we can cut down on waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Responsible sourcing for now & future Generations

To us, sustainability means taking no more than we need, so we can meet our present requirements without compromising the needs of future generations. As we continue to share our joyful luxuries with you, rest assured that every new collection is designed with both sustainability and luxury in mind.

Commited to working with the right craftspeople

Our dedication to only working with artisans who practice responsible sourcing and manufacturing has earned us Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark, a sign of the measurable impact and company-wide commitments to sustainability.

As a Positive Luxury brand it so important that we set the correct tone for future brands to follow. When your drinking Champagne from Rachel Bates crystal, tea from our porcelain or wearing one of my costume jewellery pieces, I want you to feel happy in the knowledge that the planet was not harmed during their production.

Rachel Bates

Ethical Manufacturing & Responsible Sourcing

Ensuring standards

Each artisan we choose to work with is appraised to make sure every aspect of their business matches our sustainability standards. From the materials and craftsmanship to the working conditions, we expect the same dedication to ethical and environmental standards.

Ethical & Proud

The Butterfly Mark

Positive Luxury Brands to Trust

Thanks to our proactive approach to developing an environmentally ethical, luxury brand, we’ve been a proud recipient of Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark. To earn this badge, companies can’t just achieve a minimum sustainable standard, they have to provide proof they’re going the extra mile for sustainability.

We are proud to work with Rachel Bates because of her enduring commitment to sustainability. As she creates her signature designs, she respects the environment, ensures her business makes the smallest impact by producing on a made-to-order basis, and only works with artisans who share her ethos.

Diana Verde Nieto - Founder of Positive Luxury

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