Katie Goodwin

My career has been within the property industry since graduating from university many moons ago. However together with my love of architecture, my longing and passion have always been within Interior Design.
This stems from my very elegant and artistic Mother. Our homes were always so beautifully decorated throughout our childhood and to this day. Her love of print, colour and antiques really shone through and into me from a very early age and has become immovable.

The family’s adoration of fashion I feel has also enhanced this obsession with design and creativity. In my opinion, your house must become your home and it's my pleasure dome that’s for sure. From where I sit and relax to the mirror I look in and the china I drink from.
As Winston Churchill once said “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us
I’m also a devotee of a very high heel and beautiful shoe creations in general. Good shoes are designed by architects. They are art with the shoe being the foundations. If the foundations aren’t right the building won't stand up. They help to make me feel fabulous and are a vision of beauty much like a beautiful building standing tall.

To work with such wonderful world-renowned brands, designers and artisans at Rachel Bates including Rachel herself, of course truly is a dream come true from a personal and professional perspective.