How to clean Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal Wine Glasses are a luxury perfect for any occasion. However, at the end of the celebration, they still need to be cleaned, and since a dishwasher will only cause damage, it’s best to do this yourself. Before you start, make sure you only clean one piece at a time, or you risk the crystal clinking together and causing cracks, chips or even breaks.

  1. Hold the Crystal Wine Glass by the bowl, not the stem. This is because the stem is more fragile and be easily broken if held during cleaning.
  2. Rinse the crystal in lukewarm water. Keep in mind that if the water is too hot for you, it’s likely too hot for the crystal, and this can lead to damage.
  3. Use a soft sponge to clean the rim, bowl and bottom. Avoid scouring pads or steel wool as this will only leave scratches across the surface.
  4. Add a mild odourless soap is needed. Typically, warm water will be enough, but if you find some tough stains, then a small drop of soap should be enough to help.
  5. Rinse each piece of crystal thoroughly and dry with a soft, lint-free towel. This helps prevent any hard water stains.
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