How do I make my candles last longer?

To make your candle last longer, you need to take care of it. At Rachel Bates, we’ve got some gorgeous candles, so to help you make the most of them, we’ve compiled some tips to make sure they burn longer. 

  1. Always trim the wick before first use 
  1. Ensure the candle is lit long enough to melt the wax at the edge of the receptacle 
  1. Once extinguished, make sure the wick is centred before the wax sets 
  1. One the wax has set, trim the wick again to ensure it burns cleanly 
  1. Clean the inner rim of the porcelain holder to remove any black residue. 

These tips will help your candle burn evenly every time, but if you want more detail, take a look at our blog, which explains how to care for your candle.