How do I keep my jewellery clean?

We all want to keep our jewellery looking brand-new, but over time our favourite pieces can pick up dirt. Fortunately, if you do find the bold colours fading, they can easily be cleaned to keep them looking as gorgeous as the first time you wore them. 

Make sure to avoid any abrasive materials as this will create scratches across the piece of jewellery.  

  1. Mix together warm water and mild dishwashing liquid 
  1. Using a soft bristle brush, such as a child’s toothbrushgently apply the mixture to the dirty and dull areas of the jewellery 
  1. Use warm water to rinse away any leftover dirt or soap to prevent residue  
  1. Apply a soft cloth and carefully dry the jewellery, removing any excess water, so it doesn’t damage the pewter over time.