Pastel Corali

Combining beautiful white sands, crystal clear waters and sun-drenched skies, the Pastel Corali edit is a homage to the Caribbean and the gorgeous coral reefs that lie beneath it.

Filled with beautiful statement earrings, glamourous brooches and elegant bracelets are at the heart of this collection designed by Rachel Bates and created by CINER. Crafted with luxury in mind, each piece in this edit places a modern twist on a timeless classic.


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Alessandra Statement Earrings - Sold Out

"Alessandra" in ancient Greece was the "defender of mankind" or "defender of the sea". These darl...

"Alessandra" in ancient Greece was the "defender of mankind" or "defender of the sea". These darling seahorse statement earrings are a gorgeous for a summer holiday. Wear them on a tropical island, in the Mediterranean or indeed anywhere near to the coast or simply to unleash your inner hippocampus and feel at one with the water wearing them at cocktail time whilst sailing on the ocean!     PRODUCT DETAILS: 18K Gold Plating Indian Sapphire Rhinestones Pacific Opal Crystal Rhinestones Clip or...