Relaunching Rachel Bates

When I started the Rachel Bates e-boutique, I already had a successful interior design business, but I wanted somewhere where I could build on my other passions in jewellery design and fashion. After spending years creating and curating collections filled with bold colours and signature designs, I decided it was time to start sharing these joyful luxuries with as many people as possible.

Due to my reputation as an interior designer, it made sense for me to launch as Rachel Bates Interiors. However, since then we’ve found ourselves focusing more on the lifestyle side of things and as the business has begun to grow, so must the brand.

I often found that most people who knew me as an interior designer didn’t realise that I also had these beautiful luxuries available in my e-boutique. So, to help aid any confusion, we’ve dropped the interiors from the name and website to help reposition and rebrand the business.

So here we are, with luxuries designed by me and created by artisans around the world. Alongside this, we also collaborate and partner with other brands, to make sure that we’re constantly bringing you the finest collections. 

Rachel Bates Lace Cap Hydrangea Crystalware

A new brand calls for a new home and you’ve probably noticed that our website has had a make-over to help reflect the change in our business. The new site has been designed to help you find the beautiful pieces that feature in all our collections. So, whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or find a truly special wedding gift, we’ve made it easy to discover exactly what you need.

To truly capture what our brand stands for we needed a new message. While ‘Elegantly Curated’ had served the business well, it was no longer relevant as we continue to fill our boutique with our own pieces. Our message has now changed to ‘Joyful Luxuries’ as that’s exactly what I want to fill the Rachel Bates e-boutique with.

Rachel Bates Homepage Capture

When I’m creating new pieces or looking for brands to work with I want to ensure they’re beautiful enough to make my heart sing, because if I get that joyful feeling, then I know other people are going to love it too.

The Rachel Bates team are dedicated to creating beautiful pieces that are designed to be used and not just viewed. With this rebrand, we hope we can help you find the joys in life’s luxuries—just like I have been doing all my life.