Introducing The Maltese Cross by Rachel Bates

Rachel Bates is overjoyed to announce The Maltese Cross, a new collection from our transatlantic collaboration with New York artisans CINER.

During one of my visits to their atelier, they let me loose within their rich 127-year archive. Whilst delving into their impressive history, I used my creative experience in jewellery, product and interior design to create the initial concepts for The Maltese Cross collection. From here, the team and I worked with CINER to design and handcraft the breathtaking jewellery pieces we’re releasing.

Designed to place a modern twist on the elegance and style of the past, this timeless collection was created to be worn today, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s a sophisticated event that requires a showstopping piece or a dressed down event with friends, they make the perfect accessory.

Rachel Bates Maltese Cross Jewellery Collection

The new Maltese Cross collection was inspired by my love for the symbol and its usage in art, architecture and fashion. I also adore classic Byzantine-style jewellery, which has been favoured by fashion icon Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel and featured in her 1930s collaboration with Fulco di Verdura.

Growing up, I was surrounded by my very glamourous mother and aunts who each had their own unique style when it came to accessories. With pearls and vintage jewels filling her jewellery boxes, I’d sit for hours and admire each piece when I was a little girl and from there costume jewellery grew into a real passion of mine.

Today, I have quite the collection of antique, vintage and modern costume jewellery, but I’ve always wanted to design and create my own collection. So, by combining my love of Byzantine jewellery and CINER’s passion for creating beautiful costume pieces, the Maltese Cross collection was born.

Rachel Bates Maltese Cross Jewellery Collection

Each stunning piece featured in this breathtaking collection features names from the Maltese culture to perfectly describe the beauty. Now that the full collection has been launched, here are some of my favourite picks.

Lady Elena Statement Earrings

A name that means ‘bright shining light’ is perfect for this pair of earrings. With a colour that’s reminiscent of sherbet, they are guaranteed to turn heads as they glisten in the sun.

These statement earrings are available in six gorgeous colours including Rose Pink, Sky Blue and Lavender Purple.

Lady Leonarda Cuff

A strong, bold cuff needs a name that evokes the same feeling and Lady Leonarda carries the meaning ‘Strong as The Lion’. It perfectly represents The Maltese Collection’s statement cuff.

This piece is available in 12 beautiful colours including Fuchsia Pink, Black Diamond and Tiger’s Eye.

Lady Alessia Ring

Available in gold and silver, this ring is a luxury piece that complements any outfit. The chosen name Alessia means ‘Defender’, which was perfect for a ring designed to make a strong statement.

Lady Sabrina Chain

Meaning ‘Legendary Princess’, the Lady Sabrina chain is a gorgeous staple of the Maltese Cross collection, looking as elegant as it is strong.

The Lady Sabrina chain is available in gold and silver alongside 3 different lengths.