Behind the Design: Lace Cap Hydrangea

One of the best parts about having my own e-boutique is working with artisans around the world to create my signature designs. While I currently have a few different themes available, the beautiful Lace Cap Hydrangea collection is where it all began.

The story behind this design is quite simple, it’s my favourite flower and since it makes me feel so joyful, I know that there are other people who will love it too. In my eyes, the combination of the delicate Lace Cap combined with the beautiful petals just makes the whole flower exquisite.

White Lacecap Hydrangea

My love stems back to when I was younger. My Grandmother always had lots of bushes in her back garden while my mother and aunt kept beautiful hydrangeas and fresh flowers around their homes. As a result, I grew to love everything about English country flowers and despite my love for colour, the beauty of the white Lace Cap Hydrangea is my favourite. I absolutely adore it.

So, when I started to design my crystalware, we initially focused on creating champagne saucers—an easy choice due to my love of the drink. However, to make them truly unique, I wanted to create a delicate and intricate design to adorn the crystal. For me, the choice was obvious, it had to be influenced by the Lace Cap Hydrangea.

I started the design process in the garden, photographing the gorgeous flowers that were out in bloom. However, it wasn’t until a Summer’s night when I found one of the hydrangea bushes to be almost glowing. This made for a breath-taking photo that served as inspiration for my initial concepts.

If you look closely at the pieces in this collection, you can notice little stars etched onto the crystal. This represents the illuminated hydrangeas as I wanted to share the joy I felt upon seeing this with my customers.

Lace Cape Hydrangea Signature Design

That one picture started the whole design for the collection and helped me create gorgeous pieces based on four key goals:

  • To create the antiques of tomorrow that will be used today.
  • To show my passion for colours.
  • To share my favourite flower with the world.
  • To celebrate champagne, my favourite drink.

The Lace Cap Hydrangea collection is incredibly special to me and it shows on every piece of crystalware that it adorns. Etched around the top and base of champagne saucers, tipple glasses and much more, our full range of joyful luxuries featuring this signature design can be found within our signature designs section.