Spoil yourself with the latest Corali Crystalware collection

Earlier in July, I launched my exciting new Corali Jewellery collection, a selection of gorgeous pieces each inspired by the stunning ecosystems that exist in Coral Reefs around the world. Now, I have a new addition to the Corali signature design, beautiful pieces of crystalware designed to embody the rainbow of colours found under the sea.

Inspired by a love for my Mother’s collection of antiques, The Corali Crystalware collection features crystal water jugs, glasses and double old-fashioned tumblers modelled on the timeless Edwardian style which I’ve loved ever since I was little.

The problem I’ve always found with today’s water jugs is they’re large, heavy and become even more cumbersome once you fill them. So with my new collection, I wanted to create something which shared the same beauty as my other signature designs but was also a bit more user-friendly.

The Corali design for the Bridget Water Jug and Charlotte Water Glass blends the classic Edwardian style with a modern Rachel Bates twist. My love for bold and vibrant colours is evident throughout the collection with a total of 12 different tones including the new and exclusive Fiery Red, Lime Green, Living Coral and Ultra Violet.

Each piece of crystal features my statement Corali engravement which was inspired by my long-standing love of the sea and a beautiful one-off Murano Glass pendant I found during my time exploring Venice. I love coral and can never get enough of it, my wardrobe and jewellery box are filled with items inspired by the heavenly colour palette.

I firmly believe coral designs are timeless and you don’t need to live by the beach to appreciate them. Whether you’re basing your entire interior design around it or just adding a few subtle coral elements it always adds some colourful vibrancy to any room.

Each one of my designs has a story behind them and are named after a place or person that’s influenced my life. This theme is once again present within the latest Corali Crystalware collection. Seeing as my Mother and her beautifully delicate antiques were the inspiration behind my Edwardian crystal water jug and glasses, it made sense to name them after her.

The Bridget Water Jug features my Mother’s middle name which she always adored as a child. The Charlotte Crystal Water Glasses take their title from the nickname my Grandfather had for my Mother when I was growing up, calling her his Little Apple Charlotte.

Whether it’s your home, your outfit or even a yacht, coral is so versatile and that’s why it’s been so fun to work with. Getting to combine my fascination with the ocean with my love for crystalware is a dream come true. My goal is to share the joyful luxuries with you, so they can make you as happy as they made me and with the latest crystalware addition to the Corali collection, I want to bring some vibrancy and bold colour to your home.

So, take a look at the latest additions to my Corali collection today and fall in love with the coral colours that have captivated me for so many years.