Rid yourself of the January Blues with joyful blue luxuries

The January Blues can hit hard, but they don’t have to be a bad thing. The colour itself is supposed to be beneficial to your mind, body and soul, and I believe the start of the year shouldn’t be shrouded in doom and gloom.

In fact, Pantone has made Classic Blue their colour of the year as its reassuring traits brings peace and tranquillity to the human spirit. As a reflective tone, Classic Blue re-centres our thoughts to bring clarity back to our lives, the perfect colour to mark the beginning of a new decade.

So, to help you conquer the start of 2020, I’ve selected some of my favourite blue luxuries bound to bring a new meaning to ‘January Blues’. From captivating crystalware to beautiful brooches, this collection is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself or someone who deserves it.

Moira Peacock & Blossom Double Old-Fashioned Tumbler

Whether it’s for a gin & tonic or a splash of whiskey, this crystal glass is a gorgeous gift for the lady or gentleman who enjoys an evening aperitif. The sky-blue receptacle is adorned with my elegant Peacock & Blossom signature design, inspired by my life-long love of English gardens.

This joyful luxury combines the classic American shape with vibrant colours to create a truly stylish addition to your crystalware collection.


Bridget Crystal Water Jug & Crystal Glass

This sky-blue collection of crystal water jug and glasses is one of my newest collections, debuting just a few months ago as part of my Corali collection.

The crystal jug is modelled after the Edwardian jug my mother kept, and I’ve combined the timeless shape with a design inspired by the hidden coral paradises I’ve always been in love with.

Alongside this, I also have matching crystal glasses to ensure whatever occasion you use the beautiful jug for, you can present it with matching serveware, which looks just as amazing. This collection isn’t just for pouring water, it also makes an excellent centrepiece to add an extra layer of grandeur to any dinner.


Isadora Champagne Saucer

Designed for those who love the finer things in life, this saucer is the perfect companion to my favourite drink, champagne.

 Combining the classic Georgian champagne glass with my modern twist and love for bold colours, this piece of crystal is a gorgeous addition to any collection. However, they weren’t made to sit in a cabinet, the Czech craftsmanship and pride which is poured into each crystal mean these should be admired and, more importantly, used.

A drink as classy as champagne should never be tasted alone, so this pair of sky-blue saucers means you and a friend, family member or special someone can shoo away the January blues with a toast to the year ahead.

Peacock Candle

The Peacock & Blossom signature design means so much to me and represents my passion for the more beautiful things in life. This is shown with my Limoges porcelain collection, which features gorgeous scented candles. Hand-painted with the utmost care and gilded in 24-carat gold, I’ve designed this candle to be passed down between generations.

Featured in a gorgeous turquoise blue, the scent of this candle blends white flowers with hints of Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and finishes with a touch of Bergamot. The result is a delicious fragrance which reminds me of Montazah gardens hidden away at the far end of the Alexandrian corniche.

With a free refill included, this combination of luxurious scent and exquisite candle holder will remove any negativity the January blues may have brought.

Cognac Glass Pair - Duck

Champagne may not be everyone’s drink of choice, so if you’re looking for a different piece of crystalware to share a sophisticated drink, then this pair of cognac glasses in peacock blue is the perfect alternative.

Each piece of crystal is handblown by Czech artisans and features a unique design inspired by the English countryside. The artisanal approach gives each cognac glass its own finish, making the crystal truly unique.

Enriching aromas and intensifying flavours, these elegant glasses bring out the best of each glass of cognac.

Lady Leonarda Cuff - Silver & Montana Blue

When I look luxurious, I feel it, so ensuring each outfit is as elegant as the last is a simple way to rid ourselves of the January blues. So, if you’re looking to add an extra layer of sophistication to your wardrobe, then a piece from my jewellery box will do the trick.

The Lady Leonarda cuff is a statement cuff which draws inspiration from Byzantine designs. Featuring Montana Rhinestones and gorgeous pearls, it’s a piece sure to make a statement when paired with any outfit.

The name roughly translates to ‘Strong as the Lion’, and it’s undoubtedly fierce enough to make you feel that way.

Turquoise Peacock Tea Set

Whether it’s tea for two or you’re hosting an afternoon soiree, this matching porcelain set features a gorgeous teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug bound to take everyone’s mind off the January blues.

Inspired by my love for the English countryside and some beautiful Victorian glass vases I inherited, each piece of porcelain was created and decorated by artisans in Limoges, an area of France renowned for their craftsmanship.

Hand-painted and gilded in 24-carat gold this set always ensures your sipping tea in luxury. Like all my collections, this gorgeous collection is an antique of tomorrow, designed to be used today.