Rachel's English Rose Cake

Ahead of Valentine's weekend, I thought I would share some baking inspiration with you just in case you're struggling to think of something new and delicious to make this weekend.
My English Rose Cake, is both delightful and delicious and simply the most perfect cake to serve to your true love on Valentine's day or evening. You'll find it works equally well, when accompanied by tea or Champagne. I think you can probably guess my preference! 

It's a very quick and easy recipe and you can make your sponge anytime between now and Sunday and then assemble and finish it off the day before or even on Sunday before you serve it. 

It's simply an elegant twist on a classic Victoria sponge cake but one that if you enjoy, you will make time and time again. It always goes down at storm at any house party I host and is always on the menu with a selection of desserts. This cake also works beautifully taken with afternoon tea on a gorgeous spring or summers day in the garden.

Even though the perfumed essence of the cake is very subtle, I would warn that if you don't like rose flavourings then this cake is not for you. Although, in all my years of baking and serving this cake, I have only met one person who did not like it, my Mother-in-law, because she finds rose flavours abhorrent in general. Which is absolutely fair enough. My Father-in-law on the other hand thinks its divine, as does my husband who calls it 'a real taste sensation!' 

I will leave you to draw your own conclusions. If you do make it, I really hope you enjoy it. Wishing you all a very happy valentines’ weekend ahead, Love RB xxxx


Rachel's English Rose Cake

Rose Water Sponge Ingredients:

  • 175g Unsalted Butter (softened)
  • 175g Golden Caster Sugar
  • 175g Self Raising Flour (sifted) 
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • 1 Tbsp Rose Water


    Cake Filling & Decorating Ingredients:

    • 340g Jar of Tiptree Farm Strawberry & Champagne Conserve
    • 250g Tub of Mascarpone Cheese 
    • 2 Level Tbsp Icing Sugar
    • 1 Tbsp Vanilla Essence
    • Dried Edible Rose Petals 
    • Chopped Fresh Strawberries
    • Edible Glitter Powder (Gold & Dusky Pink work really well)


    Cake Method: 

    1. Pre-heat your fan oven to 180°c
    1. Place your softened unsalted butter and golden caster sugar in your mixer and beat until pale in colour and light and fluffy.
    1. Next add your eggs one at a time until mixed then your rose water and stir into the mixture.
    1. Finally add your sifted self-raising flour and allow your mixer to fold the flour in fully so you have a smooth cake mix with all the ingredients perfectly combined. 
    1. Take care not to over beat your cake mixture. I always mix mine on a low to medium setting. 
    1. Next divide between two cake tins. If you are using silicone, then the mixture can be divided between the two silicone baking moulds without any need for greasing beforehand. If you are using traditional cake tins, I would always recommend that you line with greaseproof baking paper and grease with a little butter as well before dividing the mixture between your tins.
    1. Place in your pre-heated oven and bake for 20-22 minutes. 
    1. I always check at 20 minutes and test with a skewer. You will know straight away if your sponge needs another 2-5 minutes. Mine are usually spot on at around 20 minutes but every oven and range cooker can really vary so always check at 20 minutes.
    1. Allow your cakes to fully cool down before turning out on to a cooling wire.
    1. Once the cakes are perfectly cool, I tend to wrap each sponge in greaseproof baking paper, then wrap in a layer of tin foil, followed by a layer of cling film. I then store them in the fridge until required or indeed they can be frozen until required at this point for a later date, just remember to label them first so you don't forget what they are. 
    1. Whilst this 3-layer wrapping may seem excessive or over the top, to many of you, it's my super little trick for ensuring the cake stays in perfect condition in the fridge until you are ready to use it. You don't want it to go really hard and dry out.


    Cake Filling & Assembly Method:

    1. Slice each half of the cake in half again, so that you end up with 4 thin layers instead of 2.
    1. Place your mascarpone cheese, icing sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl and mix together until combined and smooth. Set aside.
    1. Take the first layer of the cake and top it with half of your jar of jam. Smooth the jam over nice and evenly.
    1. Now add the next layer of the cake and top with 2/3rds of your delicious vanilla mascarpone mixture.
    1. Add the 3rd layer of the sponge cake and add the rest of the jam and smooth over as evenly as possible.
    1. Finally, to the last layer of delicious rose infused sponge! It’s often easier to part decorate this last layer before you pop it in place on the top of the cake. Spread the remaining Vanilla mascarpone over the top of the sponge and smooth over evenly. Now place on the top of the cake. Once in place, cover the surface with a good sprinkling of your gold dust and then repeat with the dusky rose dust. Then liberally cover the surface of the cake with your edible, dried rose petals.
    1. Finely chop some small, pretty pieces of fresh strawberry and you can layer a small circle of them in the centre of the cake and if you like sprinkle some more glitter or sparkly dust over them. I like to, it looks so pretty.
    1. Serve with a simple cup of tea or a glass of pink Champagne. Bellissima!
    1. Store your cake in the fridge in an airtight container. Always remove from the fridge a few minutes before serving to allow the cake to come to room temperature and soften up a little. It will be much more enjoyable that way.