How to add a pop of colour this winter

It’s true that black is a classic wardrobe staple and even the queen of colour has been known to don black on occasion. However, I do like to add colour to the mix to lift the look and liven things up, just make them a little more interesting. 

In both my professional and personal life, accessories are everything. Whether it’s in the form of a silk scarf, a necklace, a table lamp or a crystal champagne coupe, no wardrobe or home is complete without stunning, colourful accessories. 

Adding spice to your Winter wardrobe.

Whenever I’m wearing all black, I always add colour through my accessories. Jewel tones and pearls offer a particularly lovely contrast with black. Alongside this, I add coloured shoes or boots which really pop when coupled with a lovely, glossy pair of Wolford 40 denier tights. To finish off this look, I’ll accessorise with a gorgeous handbag.

If you’re worried about adding too much colour, you can plan your accessories around the same colours. This could lead to your outfit showcasing beautiful shades of emerald, cobalt blue, orange, fuchsia or whatever takes your fancy. If you’re feeling bold, you can mix up the different colours to create a look that’s truly unique to you. This way, you can add some colour with a few personal accessories while still maintaining the classic, elegant black outfit.

This same approach to applies if you are a lover of navy, grey, beige, cream, brown or any of the neutrals. Simply use colourful accessories to give your wardrobe a new and exciting lease of life. Pastels and softer tones work perfectly with neutral colour schemes. Icy blues and soft pinks look wonderful with chocolate, navy and grey.

If you’re not one for adding a little colour, then try toning it down with a mixture of neutral toned accessories to match your outfit. This way you can slowly experiment with different colours and add them to your wardrobe that way.

Trust me when I say that once you have experimented with colour and added it to your wardrobe, you’ll never look back.

Inject a bit of colour into your home.

If you have a neutral room at home, let’s say it’s all grey, you could add pale Amethyst table lamps and shades to give an elegant pop of warm colour to your scheme.

Scatter cushions can also help transform any room. Find some in a tone that matches your colour scheme, a few grey cushions and if you’re feeling adventurous, add an extra colour such as blush, pale blue or beige. Choosing cushions with different styles and textures will only help add an extra level of vibrancy to any room.

If only grey cushions will do, why not be brave and add an Amethyst trim to them? This will tie them into the new table lamps and you can even add in a throw or two. Colour can be added in the subtlest way but still make a huge difference to our homes and wardrobes.

As a finishing touch, placing an antique gilded mirror over a fireplace or console table will make any room feel even more welcoming. It will also add warmth and light to any room or colour scheme. Add some simple tea lights in coloured glass holders to add that final bit of colour.

Complete your winter look with animal print.

I often refer to animal print as the unsung hero of any wardrobe or home interiors scheme. It can be injected into both with absolute gusto or by subtly nodding to the timeless trend. Listen to catwalks and magazine editors and they’ll once again tell you that animal print is a huge part of any winter wardrobe.

If you’re looking to add some animal print to your home, then the good news is that there’s plenty of options. You’ll struggle to find a fabric brand out there that doesn’t make a nod towards the timeless trend. Whether it’s the addition of a simple throw, decorative bowl, cushion or table lamp, it doesn’t take much to subtly include this stylish look within your scheme.

In my opinion, animal prints are as much a wardrobe staple as your little black dress or your white cotton shirt. I own animal prints in a multitude of products, knee boots by Caroline Herrera, dresses by Dolce & Gabbana, handbags, shoes, jewellery and scarves. You can never have enough. It’s how you wear it that matters.

Wearing animal print head to toe doesn’t automatically make you look like Bet Lynch, but you’ve got to be brave, else you run the risk of the print wearing you. For a subtler approach, add a pair of tiger or leopard print pumps and a handbag to a black trouser suit, orange dress or grey cashmere sweater. It’s a simple way to add colour to a neutral or plain outfit. 

To add a subtle degree of colour to your wardrobes you can find beautiful Ciner Jewellery on our e-boutique and to add a simple dash of colour in the home why not treat yourself to some Rachel Bates Crystal, a marble bust and a pair of Obelisks, or some hand-painted Limoges porcelain.