Bring the alpine to your home with my ski lodge luxury tips

The European ski season is well underway and whether you managed to hit the slopes or are still waiting for the opportunity, I’m here to help you bring a touch of the aesthetic to your home.

For my hubby, the most important feature for any chalet or ski lodge is always ‘can you ski in and out?’ However, there’s a reason you’re reading my blog and not his as I believe any lodge needs to be a stylish and cosy place for me to relax after a busy day skiing.

There is something unique about the rustic look and comforting feel of a ski lodge and I’ve had many people over the years asking how they can capture the après-ski vibe of a lodge within their own home. Fortunately, there are no hard-and-fast rules and there are plenty of ways you can create that chalet feel in your home, whether that’s because you miss the slopes in the offseason or you’re simply keen to create the aesthetic for your family.

Embrace Wintery hues

A ski chalet is it at its cosiest when the weather outside is filled with deepening snow. So, making sure you have warming hues is essential and whether it’s shades of plum, grey or white, getting the right colour scheme is essential to setting the scene and adding the right level of comfort.

There are few situations where animal print doesn’t make things better and combining a nature-based pattern with your chosen winter hues will add a touch of nature to your chalet-inspired hideaway. 

Don’t shy away from wood panelling

Whether you decide on wooden panelling or brick and stone features, embracing the rustic look will help truly enhance that rustic atmosphere. From the floorboards to the ceiling, the emphasis on the imperfections in the wood is an iconic part of any ski lodge or chalet. 

Wood panelling, brick or stone all create fantastic feature walls that really lean into the rustic chic look, making any room feel that much closer to the natural ski lodge aesthetic.

Create that cosy feeling

When it comes to adding furnishings, the comfier the better. Deep-seated couches and armchairs that give you the space you need to stretch out in front of a roaring open fire are the perfect way to finish the rustic aesthetic of chalet living.

If you’re looking to make the space a sociable area, then I can’t recommend all-around seating enough. It makes sure there’s enough room for your guests while still maintaining that cosy, atmospheric ski lodge feel.

Find the right accessories

The final stage is to find the perfect accessories to polish off the look you’re going for. Whether it’s lamps, throws or candles, making sure they all fit the aesthetic is essential. There are companies out there who create beautiful lamps from vintage ski poles and coffee tables with antler bases. Everything from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling to the rug spread in front of the fire plays a key role in adding to the mountain-style personality to the room.

I even have collections of my own which are perfect for the finishing touches. From the Forest Folly crystalware and Winter Ruby Candles to a selection of fine leather goods including humidor and cigar holders, you can rely on these to provide the extra touches of ski lodge luxury to your home.