3 tips for creating an unforgettable Thanksgiving table

I absolutely adore the Thanksgiving tradition that our Atlantic neighbours host on the fourth Thursday of every November. Even though I’m not American myself, I do love to embrace this tradition and throw a Thanksgiving dinner in celebration of my many family, friends and business partners located across the US.

I find that filling the house with guests to celebrate all we’re thankful for is possibly the best way to ease ourselves into the often-chaotic festive period. Besides, I’m sure you know by now that I love any excuse to create a gorgeous table setting and do some entertaining at home.

No matter which side of the Atlantic you’re on, if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’re going to want a table setting that captivates your guests with gorgeous autumnal colours. So, I’ve put together some of my favourite ways to create a showstopping table.

Present your drinks in different shapes and sizes

If you’ve prepared the turkey and it’s all gone smoothly, then that’s cause for celebration. For me, that means opening a bottle of bubbly.

Whether you decide to serve wine or champagne at your Thanksgiving dinner, a luxurious drink deserves to be enjoyed in style and my set of mixed Crystal Champagne Saucers make a beautiful statement on any table.

Featuring both the Isadora and Cristobelle crystal, this set helps add an autumnal vibe to your table setting with warm, sophisticated colours including Mahogany Brown, Ruby Red and Burnt Orange. Alongside the sparkling colours, the mixture of shapes and sizes adds a little extra charm to the table.


Be bold with jewel tones

So, now the autumnal colours are present on the table, it’s time to break the rules and head a little off-piste.

This year, I want a table which lights up the room with extra glam. So, I’m looking towards a mixture of jewel tones with the Limoges porcelain collection which features my signature Peacock & Blossom design. Available in Emerald Green, Fuchsia Pink and Turquoise Blue, these boldly coloured plates are certainly something your guests will be thankful for as they sit at your wonderfully set table.



I love bold colours and try to incorporate them whenever I can. So, I’d also recommend using the Peacock & Blossom cake stands to decorate your table. Available in the same colours as the plates, they perfectly match the bold jewel colour scheme and can be turned into a beautiful autumnal accessory when decorated with pumpkins, fruits and flowers.

Make every place setting personal

Whenever I host a dinner, especially something as important as Thanksgiving, I want my guests to walk away with a belly full of good food and a heart full of good memories. So, instead of having just one large centrepiece, I’m opting for mini floral arrangements to mark each guest’s place and give them something to take home.

To truly add a personal, autumnal touch, I’ve gone for a simple setting. To help everyone find their seat, I’m taking large colourful leaves and writing my guests’ names on them, to create a simple table decoration which adds extra colour to your Thanksgiving.

Swapping the typical centrepiece for smaller, personal gifts adds an individual touch to the entire dinner and leaves the centre free for all the serving dishes, twinkling lights and candles that you want to complete the table with.