What are the different types of wine glass?

Whether you enjoy a bottle of red or white wine, there’s a unique glass designed to get the most out of each delicious drop. Some of the different types of wine glasses include:

Red Wine Glasses

  • Cabernet – The tallest red wine glass is uniquely shaped to intensify the smell of the wine. The bowl of the glass is wide to allow the wine to breathe correctly while a narrow mouth enables the aroma to be captured.
  • Burgundy – This style of glass has a wider bowl to accommodate even the most delicate fragrance. The unique shape means the drinker will experience the first taste on the tip of their tongue, ensuring they don’t miss any fantastic nuances.
  • Bordeaux – The tallest red wine glass in any collection, this design ensures drinkers taste all the amazing flavours at once without it being too bitter. Typically, the Bordeaux wine glass is reserved for Merlot and Cabernet.
  • Pinot Noir – With the broadest bowl of any red or white wine glass, Pinot Noir glasses give the wine plenty of contact with the air to improve the aroma and flavour significantly. The size of the glass also gives you plenty of room to swirl it and see the gorgeous colours of the wine.
  • Rosé – A Rosé glass tends to have a longer stem. This is to ensure that the heat from your hand doesn’t affect the wine. Wine should be drunk at a cold temperature and holding the stem helps keep it this way.

White Wine Glasses

  • Chardonnay – Similar to the shape of a Pinot Noir, this glass features a more upright U-shaped bowl. Perfect for a younger white wine, as the opening directs the drink to the sides and tip of the tongue to get a better taste.
  • Viognier – These glasses are designed to ensure the wine doesn’t get as much oxygen contact to ensure the aromatic notes are present for as long as possible.
  • Sparkling – The narrow and perfectly upright shape of these glasses help retain the wine’s carbonation.
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