How to clean a Crystal Water Jug

Crystal Water Jugs make a gorgeous addition to any dinner table, but when it comes to cleaning them afterwards, you need to make sure you do so in a way which doesn’t damage the jug. Unfortunately, this means that the dishwasher can’t be used as the mixture of high temperatures and alkaline soap can dull the beautiful piece of crystal.

Instead, the Crystal Water Jugs should be cleaned by hand using the following steps as a guide:

  1. Rinse the jug with warm water to remove any residue
  2. Fill the container to half-way with warm, soapy water and add 1 cup of white vinegar
  3. Gently move the jug around to ensure the solution can touch all the inside
  4. Empty the jug and rinse several times until the water runs cleanly with no residual soap
  5. Dry with a soft cloth to avoid causing any scratches or damage.
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