How to care for your crystalware

Your crystalware collection is a unique treasure designed to be cherished and passed down. The incredible sparkle which makes each piece look so marvellous comes from the crystal’s brilliance and maintaining this can be done with the proper cleaning and care.

Handwash your crystal

Ensure you’re always washing your crystalware by hand using warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure you focus on one piece at a time to avoid damaging the crystal against any other glasses. Once it is washed, rinse with clear, warm water and dry with a soft cloth. While crystal can be left to air dry, I don’t recommend this as it can create water spots across the surface.

When you put your crystal glasses away, always stand them on the stem. Placing them upside down puts too much pressure on the rim, which can cause chips and breaks.

Frequently change decanters

If you’re using a crystal decanter to store your favourite drinks, then be sure to change the liquid and wash the piece regularly to avoid staining.

If you do find stains on your crystal decanter, then fill it halfway with warm water, add three tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar and a cup of raw rice. Next, mix it all for a few minutes and rinse with warm water to remove any stains.

Avoid Dishwashers

Putting your crystalware in a dishwasher can dull the brilliance and even turn your collection cloudy. This is due to the crystal’s reaction to a sudden change in temperature and the alkaline soap used in dishwashers.

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